Walnut creek chinese school



About Walnut Creek Chinese School:

Walnut Creek Chinese School is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and volunteer-operated educational organization.  Its mission is to provide learning and developmental opportunities to any individuals or groups interested in the Chinese language and culture, regardless of one’s age, race, religions, or country of origin. 

We strive to maintain a low-cost and high quality education to enable all interested students to learn the Chinese language and culture. 

Any donations to support Walnut Creek Chinese School’s programs or operations are greatly appreciated.  Such donations enrich our programs, improve the quality of resources, and enhance our community outreach programs. 

Walnut Creek Chinese School currently provides the following programs:

Conversational Chinese Classes

Available to all ages and individuals interested in developing their Mandarin Chinese language skills in a classroom setting.  Activities include conversational training, games, and cultural lessons, among others.  The knowledge and skills attained by students are easily applied to academic, business, travel, or personal settings. 

Adult Programs:

Lafayette Community Center (Mondays):  www.LafayetteRec.org

Orinda Community Center (Tuesdays):  www.cityoforinda.org

Children’s Programs:

Orinda Community Center (After School / Summer Camps):  www.cityoforinda.org

Class times and availability may vary.  For more information, please contact Paure at 925.330.7988 or by email at wccs123@gmail.com.

Group or Private Lessons

Available to all ages and individuals who wish to have a personalized curriculum to meet any specific target(s) or purpose(s), including but not limited to accelerated language tutoring for business travel, or academic language tutoring. 

Lesson times and available are flexible to meet the needs of the individual(s) or group(s).  For more information, please contact Paure at 925.330.7988 or by email at wccs123@gmail.com.